Monday, September 21, 2020
  • The creation of a sound alliance through the MED space gathering the key actors in the field of Innovation, which promotes economic growth on the basis on Creativity and Innovation
  • The creation of a nurturing environment for Creativity&Innovation, counting on the main public and private actors within the MED Innovation System and promoting a proactive attitude from policy makers and entrepreneurs before Innovation
  • The reinforcement of the MED business innovation (and thus competitive) potential, contributing to the growth, prosperity, and sustainability of the regions, leading MED SMEs at the forefront of EU in terms of competitiveness
  • The transference of knowledge and methodologies about Creativity and Innovation among public and private bodies. As far as the Creativity and Innovation are concerned, the exchange of experiences and knowledge is fundamental since Regional Public Instruments for promoting and supporting Innovation should be built on the basis of the revision and assessment of previous experiences, as well as the thorough analysis of the needs and demands of the agents that integrate the different MED regions Innovation Systems.

Who can participate?

The results of the project will be useful to:

  • Local and regional public authorities & policy makers
  • Associations & Centres devoted to the promotion of Creativity & Innovation
  • SMEs
  • Universities & Research Institutes
  • Technology Centres 
  • Chambers of Commerce
  • General public
  • And any other interested party involved with the promotion and expansion of Creativity and Innovation in their area.

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