Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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CreaSeminar in Portugal successfully completed!

In line with CreaMed‟s purpose of fostering creativity and innovation within the Mediterranean area as key elements for Regional Sustainable Development: CreaMED Alliance, APGICO (Portuguese Association of Creativity and Innovation) organized an opening seminar, aimed at building an innovation project for a private regional museum. Using this approach, 25 managers, artists and technicians, representing several companies, non-profit organizations and state institutions, volunteered to participate in the building of the project during a four-hour session, held in the community-centre of a remote village. A specific method of creative problem-solving was used to draw up an Action-Plan that included all participants.

  Main Conclusions:

- C & I IN ALGARVE COMPANIES WILL SPREAD Having executed the CreaMed project this way seems to have provided good expectations among ourselves as to the possibility that Creativity and Innovation in companies will actually happen in the Algarve, in the near future. This remains to be confirmed throughout the process

- MANAGER „SNOWBALL‟ STRATEGY Also, adapting a „snowball‟ strategy (getting more companies involved in the project by having their managers working in previous projects), may prove to be an good tactic but that also remains to be proved.

- MEDIA INVOLVEMENT VITAL Capturing the interest of the Media seems to be of utmost importance and we will dedicate efforts to that purpose. So, instead of advertising an event only, we will be able, in time, to show results.

- STEP-BY-STEP RESULTS Results will take time to show themselves (1-3 months), so each project, in each company, is just a first step. From our experience, the first project has always an internal drive (efficiency), while the second or third are aimed externally (effectiveness), e.g. the client. This is what we expect to happen with the Museum project. Innovations do not appear instantly; they take time to happen, and to stay in place - as a culture.

- CRITICAL LEADERSHIP ISSUE As with many other things, one of the most important factors in Creativity and Innovation development, at company level, is a participative leadership-style from management, which is very difficult to find. We think that - given the type and dimension of company (we need a company to have more than 30 employees) - this will be our biggest challenge. For this reason, only managers who adopt a collaborative innovation approach, will be able to suggest to other managers, who might be tempted to use the same approach, that they should get involved.

- FIRST FOCUS ON NON-PROFITS AND BUILDING REPUTATION. Normally, for-profit companies will be harder to convince to use a collaborative approach than other types of organization, like Non-profits or the Creative Industries. This is why we must „start low and aim high‟, and only after having first earned a reputation.

- SIGNIFICANT IMPACT ON REGIONAL INNOVATION. In time, this approach can produce good results in terms of regional innovation, by combining the efforts of companies, non-profit organizations, and state institutions. The CreaMed project will, then, retain most of the credit for the initiative.

You can download the respective CreaSeminar report here.

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