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Results of the CreaSeminar held in Greece on 13 July 2011!

The CreaSeminar was organised by CERTH team in the framework of CreaMed project (MED programme) on the 13th of July 2011 and was hosted by CERTH premises. In total, 20 people that are representatives of the most important policy makers of the regional innovation system in Central Macedonia, Greece, attended the seminar. Among them the following policy making organisations attended:

  • Region of Central Macedonia,
  • Federation of Industries of Northern Greece (FING),
  • URENIO Research Institute (Research unit of Aristotle university of Thessaloniki/AUTH),
  • Association of Information Technology Companies of Northern Greece (SEPVE),
  • Thermi Incubator,
  • South-East European Research Centre (SEERC),
  • Business & Cultural Development Centre (KEPA),
  • ANATOLIKI S.A. Development Agency of Eastern Thessaloniki,
  • Thessaloniki Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Thessaloniki Innovation Zone (TIZ).

Also, the coordinator of the “Open Coffee Thessaloniki” Initiative was invited and attended so as to provide a more in-depth view of the innovation initiatives promoted in the area of Central Macedonia.

Initially, CreaMed project concept and main results were presented giving pace for discussion. The attendants took the opportunity and held a 2 hour discussion giving their feedback and ideas. Specifically, some best practices were chosen to be presented (Cyprus, Italy and France) which were considered very interesting by the participants, according to their comments. Following that, a set of recommendations and improvement measures, as described in the respective report of the project, were presented and the participants expressed their opinions about their suitability to the Central Macedonia region.

The most important output of the seminar was that it triggered a vivid discussion about the overall, policy implementation gaps and needs of the regional innovation system among the participating regional policy makers. As stated by the participants of the seminar, it was higly appreciated that CERTH took the opportunity to invite all regional stakeholders to discuss together about the strengths and weaknesses of their regional innovation system and also the opportunities and threats that should be anticipated in the forthcoming years. The success of the seminar was such that the participants suggested to keep holding an informal type of meeting periodically in order to exchange experiences, suggestions and ideas and enforce the converge effort to further support the regional innovation system, competitiveness and entrepreneurship. The next informal meeting is fixed for October 2011.

In case you are interested you may download here the respective REPORT.
In addition, here you may download the respective presentations.

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