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The CREAMED « International Conference », an egg hatched inside the buzzing nest of ECCI in Faro

The fact that Apgico was both the organizer of the 12th EACI conference in Faro (ECCI XII) and a member of the CREAMED alliance couldn’t pass unnoticed. It was soon decided that the CREAMED « International Conference », a half-day of dissemination about our project starring guest speakers, would find its way into the burgeoning 3-days program of that creativity major event in September.


The goal was indeed manifold for our consortium. First, having a unique chance to attend this very particular 3-days event and to get to know the EACI tribe (do you know how to pronounce the name of Dr Cziksentmihalyi, father of the « flow » concept? Have you ever tried « random slide show karaoke » ?) was definitely a boon for all of us. Then, of course, the core ambition of this CREAMED conference was to widely disseminate information about the results achieved and the work in progress. As for our invited guest speakers, the aim was higher than just speeches, getting to know them and try them out in vivo, and make sure we keep them as « external experts » for the remaining months of CREAMED. Needless to say, this conference was not one-way, and turned into a perfect opportunity to collect new ideas from the audience, and start fuelling the second year of CREAMED. We should not forget either that these 3 days together in Faro served us as a « permanent steering committee », since we could discuss many details about the project between members. Icing on the cake, we were also able to liaise and exchange with colleagues from another sibling consortium, CreaNET.


More than 50 people attended the CREAMED (double) morning session on Sept. 15th, some having been lured by our creative « street marketing » index cards, a series of 16 illustrated catchy questions, that were distributed around the Faro conference site on the previous day.


If you were there, now you know how it’s possible to turn used cooking oil into gas for your car (S. Bezergianni) and why Renault keeps paying way more car designers than it should (T. Paris). If you were there, now you know the best way to generate original ideas by the truckload (N. Mulej) and the way a Shakespearian skull can act as a hook for creativity (D. Cerda). If you weren’t and you still want to know the answers, rush to the CREAMED webpage and find out ! Many other topics were addressed during that morning, like creativity under strong constraints (time, raw material, money, freedom), like the renewal of creativity and innovation prizes (probably one of the best incentives ever), like the growing number of naysayers who are convinced that creativity is a just another myth (ideas are everywhere, what it takes is courage and obsession to drive any good idea to its ultimate endpoint).


The CREAMED International Conference, little russian doll nested into the big and colourful one of the ECCI XII Faro conference, was a success, and our project got large exposure, enjoyed some fruitful discussions, and we could even publicly debunk the idea that CREAMED had anything to do … with cream !


Next stop for the CREAMED tour : Malta in January 2012.
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