Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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PIlot Experiences in Greece

After the elaboration of the creativity training seminars in Central Macedonia, Greece (May 2012), CERTH along with its creativity experts' team organized and executed a series of private pilot workshops in all companies that participated in the seminars. The objective of this assignment was to assist the companies’ personnel to appreciate the value of creativity and creativity techniques by applying them to real-life situations and thus acknowledge the benefits, restrictions and success factors of such techniques. All pilot workshops were conducted between May and June 2012 and some of them were continued in subsequent creativity meetings, after specific requests received by the companies themselves.

You are invited to download http://www.creativity4med.eu/Portals/0/Files/5.3%20Pilot%20experience%20report.pdf and read the respective Report of the Pilot Experiences. In this report you may find interesting information, views and experiences' description, etc. about:
  • the methodology followed to attract and train the enterprises,
  • the main benefits gained from the pilots,
  • issues encountered & recommendations about the pilot experience and so on!

We hope you enjoy your reading!

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