Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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CreaMED Open Book

CreaMED Open Book

From the outset of the CreaMED project, the different partners of the Mediterranean area have managed to get a global vision on creativity in their own region. Throughout the project, both the partners, and the expert(s) they selected, have worked on understanding the meaning of creativity and how SMEs in their region use it. Each partner has studied the creativity methods of their SMEs in order to try and help them being more efficient. All the partners wanted to better understand at what stage of creativity their region was and compare it between another. As a matter of fact, we understood that creativity had to be observed through a regional lens, due to regional specifications.

The OpenBook we are offering to the community represents the work of collection, understanding and analyze of creativity done by all the partners. The idea of the OpenBook was to present different initiatives remarkably done in CreaMED partners' regions around creativity; whether we talk about an expert and its vision, an entrepreneur’s concept, a regional policy or an event about creativity, you will be able to find some ideas to gain creativity, in this collecting book.

You may download the final version HERE!
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