Tuesday, August 04, 2020
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Last CreaMED Newsletter released!

This is the fourth newsletter of the CreaMed project, “Fostering Creativity and Innovation in the Mediterranean Area as key elements for Regional Sustainable Development: CreaMED Alliance” (www.creativity4med.eu), that is funded by the MED Programme.

Here you may find interesting information about the CreaMED pilot experiences that are organised in all CreaMED partners’ countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia and Portugal) that raised awareness and stimulated 10 SMEs to utilize Creativity techniques as tools of enhancement of their innovativeness and competitiveness. In addition, you could be informed about the Open Book! This Book was designed and developed by partner “Mediterranean Technologies” (Marseille, France) integrating all partners’ input. As foreseen, it is not only a compilation of the knowledge exchanged and generated in the frame of the project, but also a way to create awareness and encourage MED regions to undertake more creative initiatives and policies, that make them able to face European innovation challenges

In addition, you will find some information about the final planned activities, such as the final International Conference, that will take place before the CreaMED project closure (November 2012.

You may download it HERE.

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